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Truffles for truffle pigs, bones for dogs, flames for moths, upstream swimming for salmon…crème de la crème of ingredients for the Sugar Man.

Searching the furthest corners of our great southern land for high quality, Australian ingredients is the Sugar Man’s cornerstone. Australian produce is second to none, and the Sugar Man loves nothing more than sourcing the finest and bringing it to you in new and classic combinations. Whether it is lovingly laid eggs from chirpy chooks in Mt Gambier, vibrant fruit from the orchards or cream and milk from the happy cows of Adelaide Hills or rich artisan butter from the Barossa Valley, the Sugar Man wants you to taste the joy and the sunshine.

The Sugar Man’s heart is chocolate and his soul is French and Italian pastry. His creations include: croissants, choux pastry, doughnuts, macarons, tarts, sourdough products, filled chocolates and chocolate bars.